Sunday, December 2, 2012

Light Rotate the red - white barber This has been like this

Many wondered that. Why does almost every barber shop usually has a circular pattern that is mounted on the front of the store with it. What is a sign or symbol. And mean.

White light turn red as a symbol of beauty to beauty. Notably to commute. It is said that the shop is open or closed. If the lights turn red, the restaurant is open. If you rotate the display as closed. There are many benefits to this. And no force at all to turn the ignition. Today I noticed that I could see that the red and white stripes may have to add some other colors to.

Fire Emblem rotating barber shop called "Barber pole" (barber pole) was born in Europe. Included in the professional era barber dentist and surgeon. Blood transfusion or surgery to that dentistry is one of the obligation was a barber.

As such, it was officially from the year 1639 in France. Rock with a touch of the archbishop. North Capital of Normandy. When the bearded man strictly prohibited. The business needs a haircut and shave the beard. Who are sharp as a surgeon said. Even later, when the doctor is more explicit in its field. Professional barber surgeon with the ever threatening to separate completely. Just sign up with the surgeon accidentally inheriting a legacy from the hairdresser.

The origin of this need to go back to work on time in two days. Blood transfusion in patients undergoing surgery. Your doctor will headline the second line, waiting for a bandage wrapped around the arm, one for the patient before transfusion. The bandage is placed after the order. The two long bandages, it was a sight to be a general understanding that each doctor. (To get a haircut).

The band evolved from a pole painted to imitate. Permanently installed outside the store. Unscrew the two ribbon color to "white red spiral ribbon wrapped around bar, two poles," said Barber pole (due to blood red. The white bandages) from Europe to the Americas. American patriot blue barber added to the Barber pole with a red, white and blue American flag colors.

Barber poles into a universal symbol of beauty on the media. I suddenly realized that it was once a barber. Without waiting for the label name. Also notice that the store is open or not. If the dial is turned, the restaurant is open. To use the service. If the cover is closed. Directly to each other at all.

Cultural origin of the rotation Barber is the rock band. North Normandy region. France Which is one of the major tourist attractions of France. Dominated by the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Build an addition with various architectural eras of the 12th century to the 19th century and is the burial place of the French hero of the Middle Ages. In particular, the embedding of the Heart of God Lionheart Richard I (Richard the Lion Heart) King of England who was in France than England.

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