Monday, December 3, 2012

10 most popular apps for iPhone users around the world

10 most popular apps for iPhone users around the world.

10. PaperPort Anywhere.
If you have an important meeting.
And document the need for an urgent meeting but.
Still not caught up, the car is not going anywhere.
I do not have to worry that the document will be submitted to a meeting.
Just because you use this application with any other important documents.
It will be delivered to their destinations immediately. Meanwhile own.
You also can check various other documents sent to you easily as well.
And, it is cool.
Not only is the document that will be read or if the image.
Or key file can be managed as well.

9. Fast Customer.
I have a problem with such a device.
Internet Security, etc. I like to say. Of course, many ways.
Must start from the call the call center, which takes a long time.
Than to have to explain the problem แtlgak to get to know each other.
In those days, the problem will go away as soon as Fast Customer.
Will help solve that problem by delaying applications.
This is a list of more than 2,000 foreign companies located in it.
Then choose the company that wants to be a statement of the problem. I wait.
System applications and make contact with the company.
Immediately call back to you immediately.

8. Spotify.
Spotify is the soundtrack of more than 15 million songs.
There are people who love music.
Listen to or download music stored on personal taste.
The cost is 10 dollars per month, or about 300 Baht
You can download or listen to the full accent ever.
It can also be connected to a computer to listen to music on.
The house was a simple one.

7. Hipmunk Flight Search.
The application is ideal for people who need to travel to a through-line of the Bulge.
Aerospace applications because it will help you to see where the airline's scheduled flights.
What is the flight departed a few hours.
More importantly, you can choose from also.
It will have a very clearly stated otherwise.
I do not have enough time to go buy your own, you can try this apps.
Then, instead of handling it.

6. Google+.
Major competitors of facebook.
It will not function with the application that consumers can use as well.
The key is the number of people who use Google Plus.
I hope that is not at all the apps are simple principles.
The movements of a friend, and what is different in the Circle.
Comments can be shared text, image or article and share music.
Plus the different one is my favorite too.

5. WatchESPN.
The quality sports "ESPN".
Is not responsible for the services through an application with the same apps.
You have to know that at this moment of ESPN.
Each channel was screened or broadcast any sport in a way.
If you want to watch a particular sport such as basketball, baseball, golf ball.
Tennis and you can watch it live by it.

4. Facebook Messenger.
Today, then turn left or right. I see people with "facebook" to get a majority.
In order to play facebook applications that are fun and even more Facebook Messenger.
Therefore have a role in fulfilling the facebook to a smart phone yet.
Besides that Facebook Messenger is the key.
Is to talk with your friends in the list, like playing through your computer.
All other functions are tagged Notifications and Everything Else.
It can be done through the applications as well.

3. HBO Go.
Very interesting for the film quality "HBO".
At this time, but not only in television.
It can also be accessed through smart phones as well. The application of this length.
The film will have a different view than the 1400.
Each episode will tell the whole title on the run.
Length of time in each episode synopsis and more.

2. Feedly.
Feedly will act as your assistant to keep a variety.
As well as many interesting stories that happen in the social world.
When you're away from your computer. You can use applications.
Through different web browsers and Chrome (Chrome), Fire Fox (Firefox).
And Safari (Safari) do not need to use a smart phone as well.

1. IntoNow.
The application of this to appease those who love to watch television variety special.
Because "IntoNow" will show a list of the various real-time.
In addition, one can also see that at
Then there are some people who watch it with you.
That means that you can talk with your friends to get together.
Which is enough to watch TV.

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