Sunday, November 25, 2012

AMAZING of nature from around the world Then you need to impress

AMAZING of nature from around the world Then you need to impress.

With the natural world. The following image to see the pictures of the interiors of a computer program. But the view of the nature of the image in odd corners of the world. We could see the spectacular never seen before. It is beautiful, colorful and beautiful natural views to see the beauty that this would happen to anyone who has eyes to see once in your life. Then come back and tell you to speak to me .. but I do see that the image is pretty good at it or do not.

Wave Rock in the U.S. state of Utah, is the wave of the rock caused by erosion. There are 190 million years old.

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park in the U.S., a pond with algae and bacteria is quite colorful.

Giant rock boulders Moeraki Boulders are round. Before these stones along the beach is a mass of rocks, mud mask with a tight binding of the mineral. And a solid sphere. The point of view of the visitors to this beach resort.

Death Valley, California, U.S. rock slides and rock movement of the track. A puzzled scientists for the Church in the SHED. Why is it to move. Have any power under the ground or not. Because each stone weighing up to 700 pounds of it.

The old limestone lined the Nambung National Park National Park of Australia The more ancient. 25,000 to 30,000 years.

Lake in the state of Oregon (Oregon State) on the west coast of North America from the explosion of Mount Mazama.

Stone elephant at the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. The western United States. An unusual stone. Similar to the trunk.

Pyramid Island (Balls-Pyramid) New South Wales, Australia's highest coastal mountains in the world today. The elevation is 562 feet.

Hillier Salt Lake on the south coast of the island of pink. Western Australia. On the edge of the island is covered with dense forests. Its special feature is a bright pink that never changes. It is not a mystery to find out what is causing the pink lake. But scientists believe that in life SHED. Caused by the high salt content in the lake. Result in suspension. When viewed from a high angle to see the lake is pink drinks like milk, cold milk.

Great Blue Hole (Great Blues Holstein) subsea wells, the B slice a circular hole surrounded by a coral reef. Hole with a diameter of 1000 feet and 400 feet deep, it was assumed that the original rock was a cave before. The rising sea levels flooded the cave until it runs out. I scour the sea cave ceiling collapsed. And a rounded hole like this.

Bad Water Californication Jr. plains covered with salt. Or a lot of salt (Salt Flat) was a low point. America's 86 meters below sea level.

Wood, stone or City Changi. Wonders of the Republic of Madagascar Ankarana National Park. A vast area and has registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Natural in 1990.

Champagne Pool (Champagne Pool) in New Zealand hot springs like a large swimming pool, which is filled with a gas, carbon dioxide. And bubbles like champagne bubbles. Pond about 65 meters wide by 62 meters deep.

Pit rainforest Jaua-Sarisarinama National Park in Venezuela. Mysterious hole is large. It is a strange place in the world.

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